Year 2 – Week 13. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu

Lately, I was learning a beautiful piece of music, composed by a dear friend. I felt the music in me, I understood his intentions from the way he wrote, I loved the piece, yet I could not let it out through my instrument. I was so disappointed…

Travel period came, holiday time came and I had to let aside the work on that piece. Still, it was running in my head. Mentally I didn’t stop working on it, eventhough physicaly I was not manifesting that anymore. Until few days ago, when I started over with the physical work on the piece. Miraculously, everything was there, the music, the physical gesture needed to express it, I could feel the right tempo in my body. I could express exactly what I wanted, in the way I imagined. What I was missing before, was the patient to let the things come in their time.

And that made me wonder, how many seeds we are killing with our impatience? How many opportunities we are letting go because we don’t trust the process and we expect results imediately?

If we could cultivate more the patience in us, maybe we could built a better awareness. Of the people surrounding us, of the opportunities showing at each corner, of the wisdom and beauty arround us. If and only if we cultivate the patience and persistance in us.

Will end this blog post with a nice poem I discovered yesterday night in the bookmark of the book I read now.

Take a smile

Take a smile,
give it those who never had it.
Take a sunbeam,
let it fly where the night reigns.
Discover a source,
wet those who live in mud.
Take a tear, lay it on the face of those who never cry.
Take courage,
put it in the soul of those who don’t know how to fight.
Discover life,
tell it to those who don’t understand it.
Take hope,
and live in its light.
Take goodness,
and give it to those who don’t know how to give.
Discover love,
and convey it to the world.


And this is the piece I was working on 🙂


One thought on “Year 2 – Week 13. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu

  1. Hi Cristinica! You got the poetry, you got the music, and you got the message regarding patience and persistence worthy of a trillion ears. I, for one, am glad I have two of them! Nice! 🙂


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