Year 2 – Week 9. Among the highest form of energy

“I will greet this day with love in my heart”. This is the first thought that comes in my mind each day I wake up.

I know that what we think and feel during these early moments can have a huge impact on where we lie on the emotional scale throughout the day. Therefore I was very demanding with myself during more than one year already.

Eventhough I was not committing 100% to the “no opinion” and “7MD” exercices, last year’s work, combining with the persistance in applying the spiritual laws since then, made miracles around me. The miracles are inside me actually. The word witouth is only mirroring it with much accuracy.

I do restart many times the mental diet but I noticed how many times I stop transforming the bad energy received from a negative person into negative thoughts. At the begining it was a hell of a challenge, and I was giving up many times to my Zen mood – cat observing mood – for the low and apparent comfort a critical attitude gives you. Now it is much easy to observe them (again, the no opinion exercice makes miracles).  I am more emphatic with people and less judgemental. I became more aware about how a Red type personality can fall into bumping others and I worked since then, to surrend instead of control. And for so many times, the effort I made to not reply to a negative energy with a negative one, that struggle to tolerate people more, to accept a less kind communication and greet the person with love in the heart pays off. Again, give more – get more. Again, the law of giving and receiving is manifesting, confirming me that it is an exchange of energy that plays either at the highest frequencies, either at the lowest ones.





2 thoughts on “Year 2 – Week 9. Among the highest form of energy

  1. Your emotional scale, Cristina (or is it Cristinica?), reminds me of the levels of consciousness described in, “Power Versus Force” written by David Hawkins. Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey! 🙂

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