Year 2 – Week 7. Distant lights

What if, we are all lights in this world. A light meant to illuminate the journey to our own land of gold, that place of connectedness and tranquillity, where you are in harmony with yourself. The more we become faithful to ourselves, the brighter our light becomes. And the more we can show up the way for the people that surround us. Maybe help them follow their own interior quest to find a sense of inner peace, truth and acceptance.

Yet, at times, our own light goes out and we need the spark of others to light it up again.

We need eachother to illuminate our way. Like canddles, more are lighten up, more the darkness is scattered. More the path becomes clear.

Some of the people in your life are there to brighten your way, others to warm you up. And some of them are there to create shadows in your life. So you become aware of your own light. Perhaps, of your own darkness.

Those, are the distant lights. Just because they are not shinning in your life, nor producing any heat, does not mean they are not showing you, in some way, your path.

They might be even more important for you. Because they show you the journey you have already made. Or the journey that is still to be made.

If only, we could see the people that hurt us, the ones to whom we hold grudges or resentment as distant lights, maybe we could forgive them eassily. Anyway, you cannot make that light dissapear.  And nor it’s shadow. That shadow owes its birth to the light.


I bound up the eyes of sorrow

With a smile.

And the next day, sorrow found me

In some love.



10 thoughts on “Year 2 – Week 7. Distant lights

  1. Hi Howdy beautiful lady, i really got inspired by what you wrote here. thanks for sharing, i was misty eyed reading it for you are a great writer. Thank you for being on this journey with me

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