Year 2 – Week 5. The power of gratitude

These days I faced a situation that made me remember the funeral of my father. That memory made me realize what a huge shift and growth happened with me since I started MKE.

My father died 23 years ago, when I was 5 years old. The only memory I have from that day is the moment when my aunt put me a bag of chocolate candies in my hand and accompanied me to share it among the children that were present there. I remember how my hands were freezed on that brown, papper bag and my huge fear that I eventually slip and fall on the iced soil. I also remember how annoyed I was to be asked such a task. As a stubborn kid, I was very patient and obstinate in not obeying when I didn’t want to or didn’t understand why I have to do something. But that moment, I could not refuse doing what I was asked for, because I felt all the sad atmosphere floating there.

Since then, every single time I remembered that funeral, deep in my gut, I had the exact same unconfortable feeling of fear and displeasure linked to my freezed hands on that bag of chocolate candies and to my aunt to whom I could not refuse such a task at that moment.

So these days, that memory came back. Only that, the full image emerged suddenly to me and made me wondering how couldn’t I see the whole picture so far?! During all the time when I was sharing candies, my aunt was behind me, holding me tight to not slip on the ice! This detail – so far ignored –  completely changed the way I remember that day. The negative feeling I had, is replaced now by gratitude.

In fact, I know why I didn’t see it so far: because Gratitude was not sufficient developped inside of me, to be able to recognize it everywhere else. Once it grew enough in the world within, it became so powerful that it shifted even the perception about my memories. We perceive the world witouth upon our own, inner resources.

Everithing makes so much sense to me right now: Emerson’s Law of Compensation, Mother Teresa’s Poem about Life, The gal in the Glass poem got a whole new understanding.

It is that simple: when you have it insight of you, it returns tenfold!

What if you wake up tomorrow with only the things you’ve been grateful today?

Philip Glass – Metamorphosis


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