Year 2 – Week 3. We get what we look for in the others. So look for greatness in them.

I would like to start this post by expressing once again my gratitude for this amazing chance I had by taking the MKE cours. I am even more grateful to be able to empower the first experience, by starting all over.  I just will to pay it forward one day and change the life of the people around me with the life I began last year. I read three times per day, during one month “Today I begin a new life” and I had no idea how accurate that sentence is 😊.

Last week, during the sit, another layer of dust from the mirror went away and the image got clearer: I found the answer for a question I was reflecting since weeks. I was wondering why I obstinately attract in my life something I do not want. Why, the same pattern always and always ?! I started to have the feeling that it is me who create that pattern but I didn’t know how or why is it happening. Cristinica – the little girl unveiled during last year – must have been negotiating a lot with Mister Ego –  fatty, obtuse and often very annoying Monsieur –  in order to make him step away and allow me to see that truth.

During the sits I kept looking for the answer, I tryed to be an observer so I could see everithing from above. And the answer came. While running in the park, I was listening once again “As a man thinketh” by James Allen. (I always run better and longer while listening personal development books ☺). When I heard it: “Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.” I heard that so many times before but only this time, the information got into my cells. And it had hit me like a thunderbolt. The impact was so strong, I had to stop the run for few minutes to process that understanding. I knew it was the key I was looking for, I knew for what door the key is, I just needed to open the door and look behind it. 

The next sit I got it: it was a piece of the puzzle I was not able to see in myself. Once I understood and felt that as a part of me, so many people around me came into my mind like a flash. And they all had and expressed that piece of the puzzle since always. It was in my face and I couldn’t see it so far because I was not able to recognise that in myself.


I am so overwhelmed by this epiphany, words are to humble to allow me express that gut feeling I have right now! I cannot describe neither the whole experience because it would take me the pages of a novel. I can just confirm that when you have questions to ask for yourself, life will always give you the answer, sooner or later.


Also, I see now blue rectangles everywhere 🙂

Last year, this subject was a “Let’s change the subject!” for me. I was not able to see them at all and I gave up even looking for them at one point. Just because they did not show up into the perfect shape and shade I would expect them to come, I was not able to recognise them. Nor to create them out of what I was given. 

I guess, this is what happens when your beliefs are limited and shaped previously. You stop asking questions and you don’t react anymore creatively to the present.


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