Year 2 – Week 2. Dusty mirrors

As children, we are all innocents, it is our nature. The problem is, how we keep that innocence when we grow up?!  How we can conserve that pure state of mind which gives us vitality, makes us react creatively to the present and keeps us curious about life?
Somehow, innocence is another state of ignorance. The positive side of it – when you believe in Santa Claus, when your parents are almighty, when myths are not just myths and all people are always good and kind. Sadly, we bury our innocence in layers and layers of conditions and expectations. The innocence is a mirror and the conditions and expectations we impose to it, are layers of dust. At one point, the dust is so thick, we cannot see anymore the reflection of the mirror. And so, we forget about our true nature. We look at it but we don’t recognize it anymore.
The good news are that our true nature is kept inside, it is not lost. We just need to clean the mirror from the dust so we can see it again. It is not a process of becoming, it is a process of rediscovery. A discovery that lead us to change. Changing the superficiality, changing our deepest beliefs, changing the comodity that gives us apparent stability. Change the way we think and the way we look at the things… so they will look differently.
Will you dare?

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