Week 21 – Fake it ’till you make it ;)

Wohooooo, the roller coaster is up in the air again. Only that this time I am less fearful and more willing to enjoy the experience.

I know Fear is sitting next to me but this time I won’t let her taking the driving seat. You ugly travel companion, watch me if you dare !

The feeling of taking possession of the New Me is incredible. Sometimes, I meet that Cristina during the sits. Not in the thoughts but in the feelings. I perceive it like a sensation of omnipotence comming from my body. From the inside. Once you integrate a new sensation through your body, your mind will be able to reach it faster and faster. This is my aim now, to recall that feeling until it takes fully possession of me. I give permission to the New Me to manifest.

Looking back at the last 5 months of my life, they were probably the most reach in moments and blessings since I know myself. Sure,  I was happy, well surrounded, and searching for my purpose in life before too. Only that I was taking those blessings more like a matter of luck, not knowing that you create your own luck. I was a fatalistic,  whatever I like to admit or not.

After a little bit of the fairy-tale-world-within revealed to me, I understood I can be the painter of my life. I am learning now to mix better the colours, to use different brushes so I can make from each day of my life, a beautiful work of art.

Still working hard to improve my technical skills and to listen better my feelings so I can make those “paintings” the way I see them in my world within.

I am confident  that day I will be able to make an “exhibition” with each of those “paintings” and that exchibition will inspire other people’s daily work of  art. Art of living, art of giving, art of receiving. Art of loving.



4 thoughts on “Week 21 – Fake it ’till you make it ;)

    1. Yes, that annoying travel companion you don’t know how to make him understand it bothers you and you want to continue your journey withouth him 😉
      Let’s take a coffee in Exki next week if you want. Eager to mastermind with you…


  1. Of course I loved the painter’s analogy, but guess what? Warren Buffet also has that analogy in that he says each day is a brushstroke and our life as a whole is the work of art, pretty much echoing Scroll V, making each day our masterpiece.

    This is a lot of ground covered in your journey, Cris, so happy you’re here in the adventure with the rest of us 🙂


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    1. Thank you Alejandro. Luckily the painter analogy is just an analogy 😉
      If my life would look like my paintings I would be a pitiful creature :)))
      So happy I am here with you all, able now to “paint my life” inspired by other people’s daily masterpieces!


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